sukeban magazine

Sukeban is an online magazine that supports aspiring creatives who want to find other like-minded individuals to work with. The magazine is passionate about reducing the lack of diversity within the creative industries. We were initially approached by Sukeban who described their need for a new custom website as their massive rise in subscriptions and followers had meant they had outgrown the capabilities and design of their original website.

Sukeban emphasised how important large engaging visuals are to their brand, but they felt as though the stories behind these images weren’t being given enough priority. As a result, we wanted to keep the website relatively minimal while still presenting the content in an exciting manner. This approach ensured Sukeban’s

content took centre-stage allowing Sukeban readers to fully immerse themselves in the stories presented by the varying authors. We designed several pages around a full-screen slider to ensure readers would be able to appreciate the author’s photography. On the other pages we placed the spotlight on what the authors had to say.

We intentionally designed the magazine articles in an unaligned style to visually reflect and translate the unconventional nature of Sukeban’s existing branding and business. Sukeban challenged us to incorporate their free spirited style into a the conventional practice of web design and development.