Introducing Arieum Bites

The Arieum Bites platform aims to provide a educational insight into different industries from industry leaders and professionals. We aim to create a platform which regularly asks the questions that you want to know.

The Arieum Bites Series starts in June and will focus around a wide sector of industries. Industries will include areas such as construction, technology, music and other creative and entrepreneurial industries. 

The series will host questions from each member, following from each episode. Each episode clip will last 3 minutes. Giving you the answers you want to hear.

Our first episode will feature:


East Wood Danso 

At the age of 18, Eastwood Danso has one collaboration under his name, a successful menswear label and a mentor that is breaking down the barriers of fashion for the black community. Danso has done a lot but it can only get better. He is currently working on his second collection and has started his first year at university. To learn more about Danso or areas in his profession, leave your comment below for your question to be answered in the series.

Lash Va Negro 

If you want some grills, custom jewellery and pointing in the right direction about jewellery, Lash Va Negro is the first person you go to in London. Having created a diverse range of clients, Lash has been able to dominate the jewellery market for the fashion forward thinking millennial. He has perfected his craft and is truly one of a kind when it comes to jewellery in London. Ask Lash your question in the comments section below.

Christian Cassiel 

Hailing from North England, Christian Cassiel has become a avid figure in the photography scene. His work provides emotion yet his fluidity between different camera formats allows for a diverse photographer. His clients include Wonderland magazine , Rollacoaster magazine , ID Magazine , PUSH magazine and Nike.

Drop your questions in the comment section below and they will be answered in the episode 1 of bites. 

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