4 Steps In Creating A Music Marketing Plan

Whether your a great musician with label backing or you are just starting in the music industry a clear and consistent marketing plan can allow for clarity and planning. At Arieum Studios we have worked with a range of musicians. Our directors background is in the music industry so we have proficient knowledge in the industry. So why not share it with you guys.

So what is marketing?

Marketing is a way of creating user engagement and awareness through a variety of different strategies. These strategies can include Content Creation, Curation and Press. Your marketing plan needs to have a clear purpose. Its not just posting it on your social media and sharing your music.

The first step in any form of marketing is creating a marketing plan. Before you start your marketing plan you have to come to the conclusion that you need a marketing plan. Below we have included a list of questions you need to ask yourself  

  • Do you need a online presence ?
  • Do you want to increase your listens or sales?
  • Are you releasing a single or album?

These are just a few of the questions that you need to ask yourself. Now lets dive into the 5 steps in creating a music marketing plan.

Step 1: Characterising your audience

If you know your audience you can achieve your goals much quicker. Your audience is your target. They mould the marketing plan. They decide which publications you target, the type of radio your music is played on and so many more factors. The best way to know your audience is through research. Platforms such as Instagram and Soundcloud now provide analytical data on your followers and listeners. This makes your job a lot easier as it provides you with the majority of the data. What should you be focusing on:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Personality

The list is endless however these areas should allow you to hone in on a certain person and group of people who listen to your music.

Step 2:  Analyse The Market

Understanding your audience is just the first step. Next you need to analyse your market, your genre and the musicians surrounding you in the genre. Knowing this will allow you to understand where you lie within your market and will further aid in audience targeting.

Answer the questions:

  • Which artists are their in your genre
  • Which artists have had a relative amount of success in your genre within the last two years. There’s no point comparing yourself to the biggest musician in your genre and taking cues from their plan. Personally we believe it is better to analyse and compare to an artist who is about to grow into stardom
  • Who is going to purchase you album within this market?
  • How are artists within your genre doing?

Step 3: Establish Your Goals

Establish with your team what you want to achieve from this marketing run. Is is to increase newsletter subscription, more press or radio play. By establishing your goals you are creating a focus for your marketing plan.

Step 4: Development and Action Plan

With all your goals and market all figured out. It’s time to create a plan of execution. In the plan you should include:


Which media outlets?

What content?

What Blogs?

What Playlists?


Facebook Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Google Adwords

Billboard Advertising or Rogue Advertising

Content creation / curation



Run up to the single

Radio Interviews



Launch Event


Social Media / Community Management

Social Media Rollout

What should be posted

And that is a wrap. We hope Arieum Studios had a small helping hand in your marketing plan. It is difficult at first but once you start checking back and developing and growing as a label or a artist it can only get better. 

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