The Changing Nature of Money & Marketing

On September 15th 2015, we hosted our first overseas event and exhibition in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the Glass House building. The event focused on the changing nature of money and marketing. During the exhibition we explored topical subject matter such as social media, digital currency and the competition of consumer attention.

The changing nature of money and marketing was a completely in house study developed that began when social media and influencer marketing had just begun – particularly on Instagram as it has existed on Twitter in small forms already. The purpose of the study was to explore the reality of social media as a career, the importance of social media financially and finally understanding how people feel about the idea of their online presence becoming potentially more important than their offline presence. The exhibition would serve as research to aid in a documentary series focused around the event subject area.   The event was partnered with Artsy Magazine, Briu Homme and Avale. Additionally a discussion panel consisting of Jonathan Briu, Dhanut Tungswan and Seanella Abraham.  As a small treat we also held a live music session by UZZEE and Misfit Marti





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